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What's the difference between rubs, spice blend, seasonings and flavoured salt?

Have you ever wondered the difference between seasonings, rubs, spice blend, flavoured salt? If so, this post will let you know what are the main differences and probably give you a good enough idea to help you decide faster next time you are looking for it.

Let’s start by defining what is what!

Seasonings are blends of dried herbs and spices that include salt, used to enhance or add flavour to a dish, generally they are ground finer than the rubs.

Rubs are a blend of coarsely ground spices and herbs, that include salt and sugar, used to add flavour and texture to a dish generally meats.

Spices blend or mix are blends of dried herbs and spices that do not include salt or sugar, used to enhance or add flavour to a dish, could be ground fine or not at all, just in the whole version of the spice.

Flavoured salts are made by mixing the salt with different agents of flavour like spices, herbs, seeds. The ratio is generally 8% to 15% spices.

All these condiments should help you to make your cooking process easier and tastier. Now take a look in your pantry and do an inventory of what you have. Let us know how many of each one you have.