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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Yes! all our spice blends and seasonings are natural, free of MSG, preservatives, anti caking agents.

Spices, they never truly expire. What occurs over time is that the flavour and potency of that flavour wanes. Whole spices will stay fresh for about four years, while ground spices run between two and four years.

Not everyone loves salt, be it for health reasons or simply taste preference. And, we all know that it is way easier to add more salt than to fix an overly salt-happy dish!

For this reason, we have a range of salt content from completely free to 5-20%. Our Beanptnotized blend has the highest level at 35% - it's not overly salty but you generally do not need to add any salt when you use it.

When we do add salt to our blends, we use himalayan pink salt, followed by kosher salt or sea salt.

We indicates the salt percentage in each blend.

Our products are not dietary supplements, however, because of all the balanced nutrients and properties of the spices, they may help improve your overall diet, boost your immune system and help you to reduce the salt and sugar consumption!

Order Information

Because our products are small batches and we work to keep it as fresh as possible, you should expect your products in 1-4 business days after that if shipped to Canada, 4-8 days if in the USA.

*Please note you may experience slightly longer delays due to product backorders, high volume, or if there are delays at customs for international orders. we will do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible no matter the circumstance but cannot guarantee specific dates. though we wish we could be like Amazon, we do our best to always get your product out to you as soon as we can.

Of course you can, we are located at 146 Colonnade Road unit 11 in Ottawa Ontario. However we do it by appointment. Please simply choose your option at checkout and will be in touch to arrange the pickup.

Our shipping rates are determined by location and the total weight of your order. Shipping rates will be calculated and displayed at checkout!

We work with all the major shipping companies Canada Post, Purolator, Fedex, Dicom.

Reach out! Visit our contact page for any information regarding your order! We’re happy to answer questions about Orders, Order Modifications, Shipping, Returns, & Cancellations.

Of course we can do it. We have more than 100 spices, herbs, seeds. All customize blend require a minimum order.

We can give you a bulk presentation or a retail presentation. Get in touch with us and we will find a way to serve you.

Due to TGA and FDA regulations worldwide we are not able to accept any refunds for open packages. Any customer who is concerned their product is damaged or faulty can contact us via our let's connect page to discuss the refund process if applicable.

Please note, we may require proof of purchase to consider your refund request.

Yes we do!

Yes we serve the foodservice industry we our spices, herbs, nuts, grains, specialty flours and blends. Let's get in touch and talk about how can we help you!

Exciting news! We'd love the opportunity to get in touch and become partners. Please reach out to us with your information so we can get chatting. 

Few of our spices, seeds, grains are organic which will be stated in the product description.

Definitely! Please send your inquiry here and we will give you a price quote and suggestions within 48 hours.

100% you can purchase your gift card now.The gift card/code is emailed to the recipient directly after purchase.